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Inara Morgenstern's site is now online. You can find information about her piano studio and her performances there. You can even see photos of our cats.

Check out for information about my daughter, Ariela Morgenstern (go figure). This spring she sang the role of Franca in the Arena Stage production of Light in the Piazza. The Peter Marks' Washinton Post review called her "terrific" and the Baltimore Sun praised her "ravishing mezzo." 


If you want to hear some high-quality audio clips of Ariela, head over to her MySpace Music page. And you can see some video clips on YouTube from a cabaret recital (although the audio on some of them is wanting) and the review, Exposed: The Songs of Andrew Byrne.

My father, Leonard Morgenstern, offers a number of oral history interviews of several of my grandparents and other relations on his site. He is a late-blooming author and is busy working on stories from his amazing life. You can see photos of the family as well as the personal histories. He also recently posted another set of old family photos on Flickr.

Information Technology

My latest opinion and news coverage can be found on ZDNet's The Apple Core blog. has a lot of great information and of course, my past columns and news stories.

If you're interested in Microsoft, I suggest you head over to Mary Jo Foley's blog on ZDNet, called All About Microsoft. She's simply amazing.

MacWEEK Alumni

Sadly, some of the longstanding MacWEEK resources, such as the Alumni Page and the Fly Haiku collection have been taken down. Still, some folks have pages. I recently started a restricted eMediaweekly list on Yahoo Groups. Please contact me about joining the discussion.

Stephen Howard-Sarin's blog has news about son Brij and the family, and where Saloni now provides a contact page for former ACIUS employees.

Matthew Rothenberg's Blogspot blog offers news of his family and insights into the local scene of Maplewood, N.J.

Raines Cohen's site is now focused on combating global climate change. He recently attended the Al Gore Climate Change Project training.

Perry Mason
I am a member of the Yahoo Groups Perry Mason TV Show list. There's another for books but I'm limiting myself right now.

Bill Storrer provides a real service to the Perry community with his Perry Mason/Erle Stanley Gardner resource. It has plots of all the books and the shows. Amazing.

Christian Henriksson offers a very useful bibliography page for all of Erle Stanley Gardner's books noted by character.

Dave Brockman's Perry Mason TV Series site is also very good.

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