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"What's your name?"

"Shall we say Smith?" 

"I've seen your ... I've seen your picture. You're Perry Mason, the lawyer." Mason nodded. "You do get people out of trouble, don't you?" "Sometimes." 

"When they've committed murders?" Mason shook his head. 

"Not when they've committed murders. Sometimes when they've been accused of committing murders I've been able to prove that they didn't." The Case of the Fan Dancer's Horse, 1947.

"Sometimes?" C'mon! Perry always gets his clients off. He has the best radar in the business for picking innocent clients. Whether in print or on the tube, following Perry's adventures is fun, from the finding of the corpse to the courtroom finale.

"I did it and I'd do it again!" Sob. Hysterical laughter. Breakdown crying.

Below are links (as well as in the navigation index above) to a series of pages about the Perry Mason books, games, movies and shows, mostly of book covers and comments.

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