Perry Mason Board Game

Perry Mason (the television show) first aired on September 21, 1957 on the CBS network. But it took several years for a board game to make the shelves of America's toy stores. This delay to market is near impossible to imagine in this era of tie-in merchandising.

The Perry Mason Case of the Missing Suspect game was licensed by Paisano Productions around 1959 or 60. It carried the Transogram brand.

Here's the concept of the game from its instruction sheet:

"Perry Mason, the famous lawyer-detective, has a full calendar of mystery detective cases to solve: The Case of the Stuttering Stenographer, The Case of the Terrified Kitten, and others. Each player takes the part of 'detective' Perry Mason. After interviewing clients in his office and taking their 'case,' he drives around the ciry searching for clues to solve his case and discover the 'Missing Suspect.' When he solves his case by putting together three important clues, he discovers the identity of the Missing Suspect. He then must capture him and bring him in his car to the Courthouse for trial. The first player to bring in his Suspect is the winner."

The game is very complicated - between 2 to 6 players drive around the city in cars moving from the courthouse to various Perry Mason offices and Inquest spots. Players draw clue cards that relate to any of the cases.

Check out details of the game below. The images link to larger images and commentary:

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