Photos from Black Thursday anniversary parties with former eMediaweekly/MacWEEK staff 

What are the Fu*kz! Club and Black Thursday? In April 1998, the San Francisco Chronicle broke a scoop story that MacWEEK would shift into a multiplatform book with the new name - eMediaweekly. This forthcoming change didn't sit well with some MacWEEK readers (can you say death threats?). One message began with the epithet: "You Fu*ks!" We took this attitude as a motto and it continues to be the proper greeting between former eMediaweekly staff.

Black Thursday was the day in Feb. 1999 that Mac Publishing pulled the plug on eMediaweekly. These are photos from various anniversary parties, including the first and second and then some later ones.

Note: Some of the captions are from the pages that I wrote at the time, so they may be strange, such as where people are working etc. 

The series from 2009 was taken with my iPhone 3G using my keychain LED flashlight as illumination. (Sorry for the images sizes on the older images, I will look for the originals.)

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